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Directory of our advertisers

Alderfer Auctions
Ashley's Dolls and Antiques
Auctions by Sweetbriar
Becky's Back Room
Sara Bernstein's Dolls
Bellman Events
Bertoia Auctions
Blackberry Studio
Auction Team Breker
C&T Auctions
Carmel Doll Shop
Cats Paw Doll Accessories

Collectible Doll Company
Crossroads Doll Shows
Doll & Bear Restoration
The Doll Works
Dotta Auction Co. Inc.
Florence & George
Valerie Fogel's Beautiful Bébé's
Frasher's Doll Auctions
Fritzi's Antique Dolls
Frizellburg Antique Store
GiGi's Dolls & Sherry's Bears
Grandma's Attic
Lynette Gross
Grove Street Doll Shop
Hays & Associates, Inc.
Honey & Shars' Antique Dolls
Kathy's and Terry's Dolls
Sonia Krause
Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion

Kathy Libraty
The Little Doll House
Connie & Jay Lowe
Sylvia Mac Neil
Phil May
Marion Maus
McHugh's Dolls and Toys
McMasters Harris Auction Co
Mohair Doll Wigs by Wendy Feidt
Morphy Auctions
Musée de la Poupée
Naperville Doll & Teddy Bear Show
National Doll Festival
The National Museum of Toys / Miniatures
Nancy Jo's Doll Sales

Jean Nordquist Designs
Old Pretenders
Becky and Andy Ourant's Village Doll Shop
The Pampered Poupee
Alan Scott Pate
The Rose Percy Project
Evelyn Phillips

Pook & Pook Inc. Auctioneers & Appraisers
Les Poupées Retrouvées
Rarities 4 You
Ron Rhoads Auctioneer
Robin's Miniature Furniture
Richard Saxman
Mary Ann Spinelli
Starkweather & Shepley Insurance
Sturbridge Doll, Toy, Bear & Holiday Show
The Tender Years
Francois Theimer
TLC Doll Tours
Toledo Doll and Bear Show
Toy Shoppe
Toy Worlds Museum Basle
Two Sisters Studios
Rosalie Whyel
Wilmington Doll & Bear Show
Richard W. Withington Auctions

R. John Wright

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