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French Dream
by Kathy Embry
Sometimes a doll is so captivating, the fact that it is not marked does not deter us from making it our own. Kathy Embry discovered such a doll at a national UFDC convention and began researching the maker of this ethereal French bébé. You'll enjoy seeing and reading about this fascinating doll.

China Dolls With
Exquisite Faces

by Laurie Christman
We often think of china dolls as having a certain country charm, but as Laurie Christman discovered, some have faces are so artistically painted they can rival the beauty of French bisque dolls. She shares some of these exquisite faces inspired by the Romantic period.
The Mystery of
Mary McEwen

by Jenny Jones
and Lois Cohorst

Perhaps while attending a doll show you have seen an unusual black wax doll made by Mary McEwen. The authors, Lois Cohorst and Jenny Jones reveal fascinating information about this enigmatic dollmaker.
Ernesto Peruggi:
America's Forgotten Doll Designer

by Don Jensen
During his lifetime, the sculptor Ernest Peruggi designed hundreds of dolls, many of them well known to collectors today, yet this artist received little recognition during his lifetime. With first hand information as told by his granddaughter, Don Jensen tells us the story of this talented designer.
Jane's House
Gets A Second Chance

by Susan Grimshaw
Buying an old house is much like buying an antique dolls' house -- both are often in need of restoration. Susan Grimshaw walks us through the repairs and improvements of a large 19th century English box-back house with amazing results!
UFDC Special Exhibit:
The Queen's Jubilee

Photos taken at the national
2012 UFDC Convention by Keith Kaonis

Also, we bring you a look at one of this year's special UFDC exhibits entitled, The Queen's Jubilee, honoring Queen Elizabeth's 60 year reign with dolls made in her likeness.
UFDC Salesroom,
July 24 - July 27

The highly anticipated national UFDC salesroom opened Tuesday evening, July 24th in New Orleans. The event of the year, It was a resounding success with participating dealers reporting great sales. If you couldn't make, you just might find a treasure in this issue!

Theriault's held their highest two-day grossing sale in their company history July 22 and 23 in New Orleans. The Spielzeugmuseum of Davos, Switzerland and the museum collection of Judene Hansen offered collectors extraordinary opportunities to add rare and seldom seem dolls and toys to their collections. We bring you a look at some of the top prices.

Happy Collecting!

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