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Our Fantastic Voyage
with Miss Rose Percy

by Michael Canadas and David Robinson
History often repeats itself, as is the case with Miss Rose Percy whose goal from her early days was to raise money for wounded veterans of war on behalf of the United Sates Sanitary Commission during the Civil War. Since she has come out of "retirement", in the last three years Miss Percy has raised over $74,000 for veterans and other worthy charities. Those who have received donations and their heart-warming stories of gratitude are a poignant reminder of how the doll community can make a difference in the lives of deserving others. Miss Rose Percy models some of her favorite costumes in this touching article written by her caretakers, Michael Canadas and David Robinson.

The Last Bebe Bru, the Bru Jne "R"
by Dee Urquhart
Dee Urquhart-Ross writes about the final years of the Bru firm under M. Girard. Several changes in construction distinguish these late Brus, but the author notes that the early Bru Jne R models can display the softer, more delicate paintwork seen on the firm's earlier bebes. Several examples are pictured and discussed as well as two Bru R's that prove the exception to the rule.

A Visit with Kelly Harpster
by Donna C. Kaonis
This summer we visited the beautiful farm belonging to Kelly and Lou Harpster. Kelly has been collecting dolls since she was a young girl and over the years has remained steadfast in her love for primitive, one-of-a-kind dolls, describing them as an extension of a mother's love. Her collection, artfully displayed amidst period antiques, is a true delight and a testament to the diversity within our wonderful hobby.

More Heads and Tales
True Stories of Civil War Dolls with Provenance

by Karen B. Kurtz
The Museum of the Confederacy (MOC), located in Richmond, VA, holds the largest collection of Civil War artifacts in the country. Karen Kurtz shares more stories of MOC dolls that survived these tragic four years and served our country in surprising ways.
UFDC Antique Competitive Exhibit 2012
New Orleans, Louisiana
Part II

Photographed at the 2012 National
UFDC Convention by Keith Kaonis

We continue our coverage of the UFDC antique blue ribbon winners with German Bisque, Cloth, All Bisque, Metal, Pincushion, Paper Dolls, Automata and More. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

We also bring you important museum news, a look at the recent Gaithersburg show, highlight some recent
auction results and preview the upcoming Breker auction in Cologne, Germany.

Happy Collecting!

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