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The glorious Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas will be the setting on May 24 and 25 for two outstanding private collections presented by Theriault's. In this issue we bring you highlights from the Helen Welsh collection, featuring wonderful French and German bebes, Lencis, early American cloth dolls from Kathe Kruse, Martha Chase, Ella Smith and Louise Kampes plus papier mache dolls, doll furniture, Door of Hope dolls and much more.

To be competitive in the cloth doll market, S.F.B.J. created a new company, which they named "Société des Bébés Jumeaux." French cloth doll expert Dominique Pennegues describes and shows details of these rare and seldom seen dolls and also reveals a never before seen variation.
A wonderful dollhouse house came at a bargain price, and even though in badly need of restoration, Susan Grimshaw appreciated many of its original features and knew it was worthy of rescue. In this article she describes how she went about restoring and furnishing this British dollhouse.
Elegant fashion dolls seem to cry out for accessories and a special setting in your doll cabinet. Laurie Baker teaches us how to create a luxurious salon setting using rich fabrics, antique wallpapers and wood moldings to showcase the beauty of your poupées.
The oldest known doll factory in Badour, Belgium, De Fuisseaux produced doll heads for only a brief time. When Sherry Smith purchased a doll head by the company, she was determined to find out everything she could about De Fuisseaux. When she could not find a proper body for the doll, she painstakingly carved a beautiful body and added bisque arms. You'll enjoy the lovely examples shown and learning about this little known company.

The adorable "Sis," a Grace Dayton design for the Averill Manufacturing Company, is the subject of Ursula Mertz's article. When Sis appeared on the cover of a 1928 edition of "The Household Magazine," she hoped to learn more about this doll.

As you can see this is a full issue -- but there's more!
Auction previews, Theriault's new world record for a doll, plus
our mystery column and, as always, wonderful dolls to add to your collection.

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