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Our March cover is definitely one of our favorites… an adorable so-called "Motchmann" baby is strolling down a country lane on her way to market. Wildflowers bloom all around her, for us living on the east coast, a harbinger of spring we hope will come sooner than later! Carol Corson gives us the first in-depth study of the dolls we call by various names… Chinese crying babies, Motchmanns, enigmas and täuflinge. Her article is a result of an educational exhibit done by the Doll Collectors of America.

It is hard to resist doll-related antiques, especially images that represent dolls we love and collect. In Samy Odin's article he shares a story titled "La Poupée Bien Elevée," written in the late 1840's, whose central character is a doll. Its exquisite images will charm you.

Imagine having the opportunity to unwrap a group of dolls that had been stored away for over a hundred years! Mary Krombholz does just that, picturing and describing twenty-one dolls German in pristine, original condition.
Collectors are quite familiar with the bisque dolls Peter and Marie, but have you ever seen the dolls in celluloid? In her article Margo Delaughter compares the bisque and celluloid versions.
Entering dolls in UFDC competition can be vastly rewarding. Kathy Meador writes about her experience at the 2013 convention. It is at times hilarious, but also a great primer for those of you who may enter your dolls for the first time.

Also in this issue we also bring you a look at last year's UFDC special exhibit Lettie Lane & Friends, presented by Donelle Denery. The issue is loaded with auction results as well as previews of upcoming auctions including Theriaults, Morphy's, Francois Theimer's and Ivy auctions.


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