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The Artful Dolls of

by Samy Odin
This month's cover features one of the rarest dolls known, the A. Marque. In his article Samy Odin reveals exciting new information about these dolls, each costumed by Jeanne Victorine Margaine-Lacroix in the manner of an important historical figure. The A. Marque was not the only doll dressed by this renowned clothing designer, in fact the Odin collection includes two documented S.F.B.J. 238 dolls dressed by Margaine-Lacroix that once belonged to the Carnegie Museum. Readers will find this article and its outstanding photographs adding significantly to our knowledge of these elusive dolls.

Kewpies, Looking Back At How Our Obsession Started!
by Blain Kukevitch
Most of us are familiar with action Kewpies but I am sure that few of us will have ever seen the fabulous examples in this article by Blain Kukevitch. Admitting an obsession, he and his partner share their experiences and the rarest of the rare.

The 900 series of Alt, Beck & Gottschalk
by Alf Ertsland and Svein Hellberg
Alf Ertsland and Svein Hellberg's article discusses the early 900 series by Alt, Beck and Gottschalk. Common characteristics are their swivel necks and a decidedly French look. In this fascinating article, they compare these charismatic ABG dolls with French dolls with surprising results.

At Last—The Great American Doll
The Story of the Giebeler-Falk Doll Corporation

by Donilee Popham
Donilee Popham provides the story behind the Giebeler-Falk Doll Corporation, in her article excerpted from her upcoming book on metal head dolls. Virtually indestructible with heads of cast aluminum, all wood or kid leather bodies, these dolls were meant to stand the test of time!

Flexy Dolls: Fun with Celebrities
by Judith Izen
Products of the Ideal Toy Company, bendable Flexy dolls, designed by Joseph Kallus, were an example of innovative doll making technology. It also didn't hurt that many of them were also popular celebrities. You'll meet Fanny Brice, Mortimer Snerd and others in Judith Izen's entertaining article.

All this plus a look at a newly revamped doll show, auction results and some interesting mystery dolls!

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