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The illusive Huret bébé is the subject of François Theimer's cover article. In 1878 Calixte Huret visited the Exposition Universelle where the dolls of Bru and Jumeau inspired her to create her own perfectly proportioned bébé. Although she was no longer involved with the family company and she was 66 years of age, she was guided by her determination and enthusiasm. The bébé under Calixte and her successors illustrates the evolution of this special doll.
In this issue we bring you the conclusion of the competitive exhibits at last year's national UFDC convention: composition, hard plastic, advertising, celebrity and comic character dolls! It's so much fun to bring home a blue ribbon!
The popularity of the renowned Lenci company inspired many cloth doll makers to make dolls in a similar style. This was particularly true of the miniature dolls that were successfully imitated by Fiore and N.A.T. I. Judy Fisher, a long time Lenci collector, has also found much to love in the special Lenci-types that you will see in her article.
The discovery of six all original dolls at auction by Dora Petzold, three of them distinctly different than other dolls by this maker, led Sara Bernstein on a quest for information. In her article, you'll learn about this talented maker whose lasting legacy is evident in the quality and workmanship of her dolls.
There are some exciting auctions coming up in the world of dolls. Be among the first to see a preview of Theriault's sale of De Kleine Wereld Museum of Lier, Belgium. This prestigious museum, known for its stellar collection of poupées, is sadly closing its doors, but the good news is that collectors can now own one or more of its treasures.

We also bring you results from Theriault's three-day January auction as well as auction results from around the world.
News of an exciting new doll show, the popular mystery doll section, and of course advertising
from the world's foremost doll dealers and auction houses will provide you with hours of fun reading.

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