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There are a select few whose collections rival those of the finest museums. One of them is Liz Krupp and it is her extraordinary world-class collection that is featured in this issue. The first of a series of articles written by Stuart Holbrook, he and Liz invite you to see her display and the result of her studious approach to collecting. Our cover is Liz's favorite doll, the smiling Jumeau 208.

June is the month for brides and Mattie is getting married. A twenty-four inch FG fashion doll, Mattie was the lucky recipient of a gorgeous antique wedding gown, which unfortunately was made for a thirty-six to forty-inch doll! Owner Jan Peterson was up to the challenge of cutting the dress down to fit her doll. Mattie is now resplendently ready for her June wedding, but alas, no groom!
Most doll collectors have seen various Lenci miniatures, sometimes called mascottes, but the smallest Lenci dolls of all, the XX series, are rarely seen. In her article, Lenci expert Judy Fisher shares a collection of these rare dolls and tells us how to distinguish them from other miniatures.
A versatile artist and illustrator, Maurice Millière led an aesthetic movement that resulted in an evolution of dolls from children's playthings to art objects. Nannette Rod's article explores the wonderful work of this French artist and his good luck dolls known as "Parisiennes."
Martha Nichols tells the story of the Heinrich Handwerck company, one of the stalwarts of the German doll making industry. With heads made by Simon Halbig, their dolls were exported throughout Europe and the US.

We were thrilled to attend the recent NADDA show in Greensboro, NC and what a show it was! For your shopping pleasure we bring you some of the highlights of this important event as well as a look at the glorious setting for Saturday evening's garden party.

Also in this issue, an exciting auction preview from James D. Julia, auction results and a new book for fashion doll collectors!

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