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Flirting has existed as long as social interaction between the sexes, yet the methods used to convey interest have changed dramatically. In her article Kathleen Crescuillo discusses the history of the fan and its use to convey romantic intentions. Readers will enjoy how present day texting abbreviations compare to the language of the fan. Exquisite fashion dolls enact a tale of love and intrigue using fans to indicate their feelings in this beautiful article.

The Lenci Series 110 and 149 are considered by many to be Lenci's most beautiful dolls made during the company's golden era, a period when the dolls and their costumes reached their zenith. Using early catalogs and photos of dolls, Judy Fisher explains why these delightful dolls might be called sisters.

Marina Tagger shares several unusual character dolls made of papier mache in her well-researched article on papier mache production. From the earliest Kestner dolls to dolls of the mid-twentieth century, you will see an amazing variety that showcases this once popular material.

As Ursula Mertz discovers, every doll added to her collection brings exciting new information. In this article she discusses Horsman's "Rosebud Babies" as well as unusual cloth mama style dolls with German-made bisque heads.

Margo Delaughter writes about the dolls made by Michael Lee, a little known Chinese gentleman who made his creations during the 1940's until the 1990's. Hiring refugees and assisting families with their children's education, you'll be enchanted with his story of generosity.

News, mystery dolls, a look at Julia's upcoming auction and auction results… all in our June issue.

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