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In Residence at Stone Gables
by Lori Santamaura and Juliette Peers

A delightful family of rolled linen dolls has made their home in Stone Gables, a picturesque house that might have been the setting for a Jane Austen novel. It has been decorated to the nth degree following the Victorian dictate that more is more. You'll meet the charming residents and enjoy a tour through Stone Gables in Lori Santamaura's article.

Early French Celluloid Dolls
by SIC (Société Industrielle de Celluloïd)

by Samy Odin

The French company SIC, the Société Industrielle de Celluloïd, specialized in the making of celluloid dolls and were especially prolific during the period between the two world wars. Samy Odin shows us the remarkable creativity of these dolls with a variety of examples.

The Wonderful Faces of the Bébés Bru
by Dee Urquhart-Ross

Dee Urquhart-Ross discusses the earliest bébé models — the Brevete, Circle Dot, Bru Jne, and the Transitional Bru -- in her article. The attributes of each and what to look for define the lasting beauty that continues to captivate collectors today.

Lula McLean's Doll
“The Silent Witness” to History

by Sara Bernstein

When the south lost the Civil War, the formal surrender took place at Wilmer and Virginia McLean's home in Virginia. A cloth doll, belonging to their daughter, became a trophy of the war, a “silent witness” to the day's historic happening. Sara Bernstein's purchase of an old framed illustration led her to research the story of this humble doll.

Rare Finds
by Ursula R. Mertz

Ursula Mertz, our expert on early 20th century American-made dolls, shares several examples of rare dolls in her collection. Original source material -- catalog pages and trade publications -- have enabled her to identify these dolls and add to our knowledge.

The Toy Museum of Davos, Switzerland
by Margaret Kincaid

Sadly, due to health problems, the Toy Museum of Davos, Switzerland has closed its doors, its contents to be auctioned this summer by Theriault's in New Orleans. Margaret Kincaid attended the closing party and shares some of the treasures that will soon be up for auction.

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We also bring you a look at the all new Toledo Doll & Bear Show, plus auction highlights and of course, wonderful dolls offered for sale.

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