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Anther great auction experience is in the offing… Theriault's sale July 15 in San Antonio, Texas at the Hyatt Regency. Everything from sublime French bebes from the Golden Age to rare German bisque art characters, French automatons, mignonettes, American dolls including an Izannah Walker, and early paper mache and porcelain dolls from three important collections will be sold. Our cover features one of the dolls to be offered, an exquisite Bru Brevete with the rare original body.
Susan Sirkis addresses the challenge of applying soutache to a hood using today's available fabrics and trims which lack the maneuverability of the original silk or cotton. The model for the hood is an antique example worn by a lovely Huret. Susan presents a pattern and simple directions for a 12 and a 16-inch child doll.
Our Norwegian friends, Alf Ertsland and Svein Hellberg, share their marvelous collection of adorable googlies, their adventures in collecting and the joy that googlies bring them. You will love the creative poses that make them come alive!
Samy Odin, of the Musée de la Poupée in Paris shares the discovery of an early catalogue from the Italian company, Alma, founded in 1926. Made of felt, the company was certainly influenced by their competitor Lenci, but their dolls do show variations in style. The original catalog pages have been reproduced in Samy's article, making attribution at last available to collectors.
Your editor recently returned from a most excellent adventure — The TLC Grand Tour, with visits to museums in Northern Italy, Switzerland and Germany. In the coming months I will share some of the incredible dolls and toys that made this trip so meaningful.
A 1983 Nina Ricci advertisement featured three-seated German bisque lovelies made by Galluba and Hofman. Sharon Hope Weintraub writes about this elegant trio and the famed British photographer who used them in advertising and custom made greeting cards.
Waltershausen in Germany has changed little since it was once a center for doll making. Mary Krombholz shares all original dolls, source material and fascinating archival photographs detailing the doll factories that once employed virtually the entire town.
The June Gaithersburg show can be a real sleeper and should not be missed for those on the East Coast. Enjoy a sampling of some of the dolls we enjoyed.
All this, plus exciting auction highlights from around the world. See you in San Antonio!

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