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If you are a serious doll collector no doubt you have heard the name Estelle Johnston. An esteemed researcher and a collector for the past fifty years, she is parting with a large part of her collection for a move from Georgia to California. It will be sold at Theriaults in Washington D.C. on July 28. We are pleased to offer you highlights from this all important upcoming auction.

Bretelles, meaning braces or suspenders, were a classic component of the Huret dress. In her article Sylvia Mac Neil has dressed the ever-fashionable Chiffonnette in a few variations of this style. Fashion plates from the Journal des Demoiselles and Godey's Lady Book illustrate how this fashionable look was worn by young girls. An added plus is an easy to follow pattern so you can create your own classic Huret dress.

The French hero known as Uncle Hansi is an integral part of Alsatian history. Elizabeth Schmahl shares his story along with an amazing collection of dolls dressed in the traditional costume of Alsace.

Elizabeth Bentley Hamilton was thrilled when she purchased an 18th century dollhouse from Lucy Singer. In spite of its size, the front cover panel, when locked in place, allows it to be moved, hence the article title, "The Traveling House." Inside, the house is luxuriant with brilliant color and exquisite furnishings.

During the 1930's, if American parents could afford to buy a doll for their little girl chances are it was a Patsy. The first doll to have extra outfits and accessories, Jane Foster writes about Patsy and members of the Patsy family in this entertaining article.

We also have some interesting mystery dolls for you to ponder, plus auction results, news and sadly, a farewell to a good friend, Don Jensen.

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