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Our cover features an lovely papier mache milliner's model. The owner, who is primarily a china doll collector, couldn't resist "Miss Winnie" with her Apollo knot hairdo and original handmade wardrobe. Miss Winnie models her hand sewn costumes, each seemingly prettier than the last! A lovely example of a doll that perfectly captures the clothing and styles of a gracious era, she continues to delight us today.

When Beth Karp sent us photos of her holiday decorating, I knew our readers would want to see this spectacular display! A longtime doll collector and dealer, she and her husband combine their passion for Christmas with their doll and toy collection, the result being a truly magical celebration.

At this summer's national UFDC convention we were treated to an outstanding display organized by Lynn Murray. Entitled "Mode Enfantine Pour Poupées," it featured an outstanding array of fashion dolls dressed in original children's costumes, demonstrating the extravagance that parents and children alike lavished on their beloved poupées.
Meaningful connections with our fellow collectors are to be treasured. In Ursula Mertz's article she shares the story of Peaches, an all composition doll made by the Averill Company that was generously given to her by a friend. In return Ursula sent her a Christmas story about dolls and friendship.
Rose O'Neill's bisque Kewpies were a runaway success but she still had another dream, a soft and lovable cloth Kewpie. Thus the Kuddle Kewpie was born! Mark and Carole Gillette's informative article provides the inside story of how the Kuddle Kewpie came about and share their impressive collection.

Also in this issue we begin our look back at the UFDC Modern Competitive Exhibit — always a category that offers up many delightful surprises.

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