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This month's beautiful cover is a glimpse of the treasures to be discovered at the upcoming Theriault's auction, January 11-13 in Newport Beach, CA. An annual event, eagerly anticipated by collectors, it consistently offers a diverse selection of important antique and vintage dolls.

The Paris World
of Mignonettes

by Florence Theriault
In her article Florence Theriault provides a history of the dolls introduced in the late 1870's that we call mignonettes or pocket dolls, and shares some rare examples to be sold in their January auction. She also spotlights a fabulous array of rare half dolls, vastly popular in the first years of the twentieth century that will be offered for sale.

Carrie A. Hall and the
Fashion Mannikin Wardrobe

by Dale Rensing
When Dale Rensing, a creator of doll costumes, had the opportunity at Withington's Auctions to purchase a French Fashion Mannikin and its trousseau made by Carrie A. Hall, a well known dressmaker during the late Victorian period, she naturally jumped at the chance. Her well-researched article discusses the late designer and her costumes.

Christmas at Fritzi's
by Donna C. Kaonis
Many of us look forward to the joys of holiday decorating, but oh… the agonies of putting everything away! Fritzi Bartelmay Martinez, known to all as Fritzi, invites us into her home for a look at what might be described on a reality show as extreme decorating!


2012 UFDC Special Exhibits
Photographed at the 2012 National UFDC Convention by Keith Kaonis
In this issue we offer highlights from two 2012 UFDC special exhibits: "Exquisite Ephemera," presented by Samy and Guido Odin and "A Stitch in Time, Black Folk Art Cloth Dolls," a collection of dolls belonging to Pat Hatch as well as dolls from UFDC members. We also bring you many of the blue ribbon winners in the Modern Competitive Exhibit.


Learning About American-Made Dolls
American Character's Toni, A Fashionable Doll In Every Way

by Ursula Mertz
Ten years after the release of Ideal's play wave doll Toni, American Character came out with their version depicting a fashionable young woman with a gorgeous wardrobe consisting of sixteen painstakingly executed costumes. Ursula Mertz shares this lesser known Toni with our readers.
What Mary McAboy
Never Told Us

by Maurine Steurer
When two large Skookums suffered an unfortunate fall from a mantelpiece Maurine Steurer offered to repair them. You will be surprised at what she discovered!


Happy Holidays! Wishing you and your families a wonderful holiday season.


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