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Our April cover features the Simon and Halbig twin dolls Flora and Dora, with extensive wardrobes from the late Edwardian period. Their sister Violet, lives at the Legacy Doll Museum in Billings, Montana. They were part of last year's UFDC special exhibit entitled "Edwardian Ladies and their Wardrobes" and are among the many wonderful dolls from this era seen in this issue.

Ah springtime… the season of renewal, rebirth, reawakening and rabbit candy containers! Alicia Carver and Barbara Close show off an astounding collection of antique holiday bunnies along with their history and production methods.

For hundreds of years, one small town in Germany, Sonneberg, was responsible for most of the world's dolls and toys. Doll researcher and author Mary Krombholz documents a number of Sonneberg dolls in their original costumes and offers original source material from descendents of the workers that once toiled in factories and home shops.
Elizabeth Schmahl's tribute to Mother's Day is a delightful look at the dolls, toys and traditions associated with this special day. Not only baby dolls, but baby paraphernalia and its history provide a fascinating look at our enduring love for mothers and babies.
Collecting tiny toys and games to accessorize with our dolls is great fun and much appreciated by our dolls! Jan Peterson shares a bountiful array of miniature playthings that "taught" our antique dolls manners and good sportsmanship.

Always one of the best shows in the nation, the May NADDA show in Greensboro, NC promises to be an extra special. You'll want to read our article and see what you will be missing if you don't attend!

The recent Gaithersburg doll show, the upcoming doll and teddy bear gathering in Albuquerque, New Mexico, auction results, a mystery doll, a wonderful new book and of course advertising from the world's foremost dealers and auction houses await you in our April issue.

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