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Helen Jensen's Laughing Child From Sculpture to Borgfeldt
by Carol Corson
Our April cover features an adorable group of Gladdie dolls by Helen Jensen. When Carol Corson purchased a biscaloid Gladdie with an original wardrobe she was inspired to learn more about this talented artist. You'll enjoy reading about what her research uncovered and you will love the delightful versions of the "laughing child."

Mystery Dolls In My Collection
by Bernice Millman
As Bernice Millman points out, just because a doll is not marked, does not mean you can't love it. In her article we learn about ten wonderful dolls whose secret origins add to their charm.

A Visit with Evelyn Phillips
by Donna C. Kaonis
Turning sixty-five marked a new exciting chapter in the life of Evelyn Phillips. Retiring from the fashion industry, she turned her full attention to her doll business. Be inspired by Evelyn's fascinating work history and the special moments that encouraged her success.

Doll Collectors of America Special Exhibit of Dolls by J. D. Kestner
by Donelle Denery
The oldest doll club in America, The Doll Collectors of America, celebrated a recent anniversary with a comprehensive exhibit of Kestner dolls. Donelle Denery shares the history of this prolific company along with an outstanding array of dolls dating from the 1800's to the early 1900's.

Old Smuggler And Other Rare Advertising Dolls
by Ursula Mertz
Our expert on American composition dolls, Ursula Mertz, is known for finding the rare and elusive. In this month's issue we learn about the Old Smuggler, a delightful Peter Pan doll by Amberg and The Zu Zu Kid made by Ideal. These early trademark dolls offer important insight into America's commercial enterprises.

We also bring you a look at the upcoming Bertoia auction preview, the NADDA show May 4 and 5 in Chicago and a look back at the Crossroads Portland, Oregon doll show.

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