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Our cover photo is a rare version of the Martha Chase George Washington, posed against the backdrop of Faneuil Hall. George is welcoming attendees to a very special NADDA show, May 11 and 12, the first to be held in the Boston area. You'll want to read about the very special events planned for Friday and Saturday — it promises to be an unforgettable show.

Long Live the King!
A UFDC 2011 Special Exhibit

Reported by Donna C. Kaonis
Photographed at the 2011 National
UFDC Convention by Keith Kaonis

We have saved the best for last — UFDC's Kestner exhibit presented at last year's national convention. Marina Tagger and Maureen Herrod, along with generous help from club members, staged a comprehensive exhibit of Kestners showing the prolificacy of this renowned factory.

Stockings For Chiffonnette
by Sylvia Mac Neil

The lovely poupée Chiffonnette models a delightful array of stockings suitable for every occasion. Sylvia Mac Neil apprises us of the latest in footwear and hose during the nineteenth century. An easy to follow pattern will enable you to outfit your fashion doll in the latest fashions of the day!
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Learning About American-Made Dolls
The Jessie McCutcheon Raleigh Firm

by Ursula R. Mertz

Ursula Mertz discovered that in the first year of production, Raleigh dolls had hand painted hair. Several examples and comparison with the air brushed models are discussed.
Since these dolls were only sold for a few short years, any example is a rare find!

Heads and Tales
True Stories of Civil War Dolls
with Provenance

by Karen B. Kurtz

Civil War dolls have resided at the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, VA for nearly 150 years. Karen Kurtz tells the stories of several Civil War dolls with provenance. Their poignant stories reflect the hardships of this brutal war.

Silk Mask Dolls of Japan
by Judith Scott

Japanese silk-faced dolls allow for realism and movement. Judith Scott shares Ningyo dating from the early part of the twentieth century. These lovely dolls represent a tradition that dates back to around 1192 AD.


We also bring you highlights of the new Italian doll exhibit at the Musée de la Poupée and at the Toy Worlds Museum Basle (formerly the Puppenhausmuseum) a special exhibit devoted to the rite of christening. All this plus news, mystery dolls for you to solve and advertising from the world's leading auction houses and dealers.

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