Take a look at our November 2016 issue...


The fall issue of Antique Doll Collector is a blast - from the past. In it our contributors share stories of wonderful collectors, young and old. Valerie Fogel, dealer, writer and an excellent photographer, revisits Sheryl Varon on behalf of the magazine. Sheryl is a revered collector who was last seen in our pages in 2010. Valerie brings to the November issue an inspiring and wide-ranging conversation about the joys of collecting antique dolls and reports on Sheryl's dolls' evolution over the past five years. Sheryl shares her French bebes and poupees, "smilers," mignonette - "pocket dolls" and many miniatures and accessories.

Mary Lou Emiston was co-owner of the California doll show "Hello Dolly" in the 1970s and an expert doll restorer. Sheryl managed to become an informal apprentice in her shop, bought her first doll there - a tiny half bisque - and began learning about preservation and collecting. Much of what she learned she shares as she talks us through and shows us the collection.


Estelle Johnston was a great friend of this magazine, an astute and passionate collector, as well as fastidious researcher. Three years ago Theriault's auctioned most of her collection. But Estelle kept back a few, beloved, treasures. In early October 2016 those final treasures were sold at the Waldorf Astoria Biltmore, in Phoenix. Those of us who couldn't attend that Theriault's Auction can enjoy the treasures - featured in our Auction Gallery Report. And there is more Auction News this month with our coverage of highlights from the lifetime collection of Vera Kramer, the former proprietor of two doll museums in Brighton, England and St. Augustine, Florida. That auction was at Morphy in Denver, Pennsylvania.


Gail Lemmon has shared a lovely remembrance: she writes about retired CPA Dean Scott from Oswego, Ill. Scott accumulated his world-class collection of composition Madame Alexander dolls over thirty years, and preserved it beautifully. It was his goal to acquire every composition doll made by Madame Alexander – and he nearly reached his goal with 500 examples - many very rare. We show just 27 of them.


A very young collector! Newbie Marilyn Marin writes a delightful first-person report from Colorado. Marilyn is a young lady we met at UFDC last year. She's been collecting all of six months! And shares her joyful discoveries in this issue. The article is a great antidote to those who talk about the advancing age of collectors! Loving dolls has no age.


Masterpieces in Miniature: an inside look at the Thorne Rooms at the Phoenix Art Museum in Phoenix, Arizona. These small-scale settings are some of the earliest work organized and created by Narcissia Niblack Thorne of Indiana.


This issue also has a revealing visit to the Princeton Doll and Toy Museum in New Jersey, and a Show Report on the dolls and dealers at the Ashville, North Carolina Doll Show in September 2016.

Happy Collecting!