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Take a look at our August 2016 issue...

When he was young, a favorite aunt who worked at a major department store gifted R. John Wright on special occasions with wonderful toys from Europe. So it should be no surprise that he developed a love for toys which grew into his well-known vocation, making marvelous dolls. Not known by many is the fact that John and his wife Susan also collect antique cloth dolls. The couple share some of their favorite dolls in this article.


Some dolls can help a child survive against incredible odds. Susan Foreman tells the story of Felicia Brown and her family's flight from Lithuania which during World War II became occupied by the Soviets, then the Nazis and the Soviets once again. Her article illustrates how dolls can transcend playtime activities.


Steiff expert Rebekah Kaufman salutes Steiff's men in uniform. These magnificently constructed soldier and police dolls made their relatively brief appearance in the Steiff line starting in 1903. They are best known for their well tailored and authentic clothing, extraordinary to-scale accessories, and, of course, their perfect posture.


Lynn Murray discovered that transferware children's plates with pictures of dolls were contemporary with her collection of dolls. By the 19th century Britain's Staffordshire potteries numbered in the hundreds. You'll enjoy learning about this delightful cross-over collection.


For our fans of dolls' houses, Susan Milmore's article on a house she restored is fascinating. Purchased at the sale of the Mary Merritt Museum, its 1950's and 60's re-decoration made it a great buy. With her expert finesse, the dolls' house is now tastefully and appropriately decorated.


The recent TLC doll tour conducted by Lynn Murray took us to Spain with its beautiful cities and towns, Roman ruins, fabulous art and architecture. Yours truly shares some of the highlights of this adventure.


We also take you to the recent Gaithersburg doll show and bring you a preview of the upcoming Morphy doll auction and the Northern Ohio Doll & Bear Show.

Happy Collecting!


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