Take a look at our July 2016 issue...

The Theriault doll auction, held in conjunction with the national UFDC convention, is always among the high points of the week. This year with the legendary collection of Ursula Brecht, it promises to be unforgettable. Considered the most important private collection in Germany, it will offer French bebes, automata, fashions, mignonettes, early wood dolls and more. In our preview, you'll see many of these dolls as they were pictured in Brecht's 1983 book, Precious Dolls.


Our cloth doll expert, Dominique Pennegues, shares with readers the fascinating story of French doll maker Yvonne Spaggiari whose creations have been known as "Original Ravca Dolls." In her article she gives this talented artist the renown she so richly deserves.


Samy Odin has made another fascinating discovery concerning yet another Lenci competitor, Bambole Lena. He had accumulated a set of eight postcards documenting the company's models when he found a Lena doll on eBay. Cloth doll collectors will definitely be on the hunt for these quality dolls!


Prior to the media fascination of Queen Victoria's nine royal children, poured wax dolls were typically religious models of baby Jesus. In her breathtakingly beautiful and informative article, Claire Davies shares the magnificent play dolls of Pierotti and Montanari whose creations remained popular into the Edwardian period.


Carol Cameron, a delightfully eclectic collector, bought her first leather doll on eBay and her next at Theriault's which had the original patent date and maker label. She has since added more leather dolls and you will enjoy learning about the creator of these seldom seen English dolls.


Enjoy a look at upcoming shows, auction results and some exciting news from Elizabeth Ann Coleman about a second Lanvin model (see our June 2016 issue)!

Happy Collecting!