Take a look at our June 2016 issue...

We are delighted to once again share with you dolls from the collection of Alf Ertsland and Svein Hellberg. Character boy dolls at play seem to come alive in this pictorial review. With a discriminating eye, they look for dolls in the same size range with original or antique clothing.

Jennifer Craft-Hurst began a collection of original early photographs of dolls when she purchased two Steiff dolls which sold with a photo of the original owner in German traditional dress. Little girls and their special doll friends … you will cherish these moments preserved in time.

Russian dolls in colorful dress with terracotta heads were likely produced from Kammer and Reinhardt or Simon Halbig molds. Dolls from the collections of the author, Linda Holderbaum, and Rosemary Deal are featured. Dressed in peasant type outfits with multiple layers of clothing, you’ll learn about the various types of clothing worn during the 1920’s and 30’s.

An American Art doll created to display high end designer fashions is the subject of a fascinating article by Ann Coleman. The brain child of textile historians and artists working at the Brooklyn Museum, now the Brooklyn Museum of Art, where Ann worked as department head for textile and costume, she shares this unusual find.

It was a wonderful auction experience. Elaine Wade was captivated by a china only to
discover that she had a twin sister, one whose head contained an old written note stating that the two dolls were sent home during the war between the states for the two daughters of Captain John Mickle. You’ll enjoy this exciting adventure!

Columbus, Ohio was the setting for the April 16 and 17 NADDA show, deemed a mini-UFDC convention by attendees. Fabulous dolls of all types along with photos of the NADDA dealers will make you wish you were there!

Happy Collecting!