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For fashion doll collectors Paris was and remains, even to this day, as the magnificent focus of our collecting. As a student Samy Odin would walk the area of Paris where the fashionable doll shops once catered to the children of the well-to-do. If only the doll collectors of today could be transported back to the 1860's! Exquisite dolls and accessories from this magical era accompany his look back in time.


If you thought you knew everything about the doll maker Bernard Ravca, this article by Dominique Pennegues, a noted researcher on cloth dolls, will surprise you! No articles about Ravca were published during his time in France and this is where the author begins her search. The results are fascinating.


Linda Holderbaum focuses on 14-inch and taller unmarked composition dolls dressed in handmade ethnic costumes. Past research suggests that these dolls were purchased undressed and then dressed to raise monies at charity bazaars during the 1930's and 1940's. Although these unmarked dolls were not expensive, their dressmakers spared no effort in their costuming.


Étuis, small ornamental cases for holding sewing implements, were not only made for seamstresses, but also for dolls who had everything their young owners possessed. Laurie Baker takes us on an adventure as an 1870's Jumeau fashion doll travels to the homes of her wealthy clientele to create the finest in couture fashions.


Dolls' house and miniature collectors have an important date to mark on their calendars, May 20 and 21st, when Rhoads auctions will present an important sale featuring many rare and desirable items, among them the collection of Elizabeth Bentley Hamilton whose articles have graced these pages.


A look at some memorable auctions, news and wonderful dolls await your reading pleasure.

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