Take a look at our December 2015 issue...

December Cover

The holidays are beckoning and with that in mind we have prepared a special holiday issue for you. Our cover features a few of the exciting items coming up at Theriault's on January 9 nd 10 in Newport Beach, CA. An extraordinary collection of early wooden, cloth and paper mache dolls, toys and folk art from the Alice Florence Schott Collection which has been housed in recent decades in the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, will be offered. Also to be sold a magnificent A. Marque marked number 7 in the series, in impeccable condition and wearing its outstanding original costume from the Ballets Russes series. Rare German and French bebe and poupées and automata round out this special Marquis auction.


Carol Cameron writes about the unusual and very seldom seen Butcherer nativity set. Only a limited number of these sets were made and their construction is markedly different from the typical Butcherer dolls.


Christmas Eve in France during the nineteenth century is the setting for Jan Peterson's entertaining article. Diminutive dolls and poupées act out the evening's festivities in Jan's doll cabinet affectionately called Le Château.


Christiane Gräfnitz has thoroughly researched the dolls of Leola and Edgar Schulze, makers of reproduction porcelain, parian, and tinted bisque dolls as well as dolls of their own creation. A treasured June 1959 catalog and fourteen dolls clears up the mystery surrounding the "Lee Ed" dolls.


Not everyone can stretch their budget to buy a Huret poupée and now at last there is an affordable alternative. An exacting reproduction body and a head mold, both made from antique Hurets are available! We give you all the details!


Samy Odin writes about L'Imagerie de Paris, a 19th century company who published printed cloth dolls, animals and paper doll sheets. Numerous examples from La Musée de la Poupée are shown.


We visit the 2015 Golden Glow convention where we photographed many of the incredible Christmas decorations in the "museum room." It is sure to inspire your holiday decorating this year.


There's also more UFDC blue ribbon winners in the competitive category, auction results and a look at the upcoming Morphy doll auction.


Happy collecting!