Take a look at our November 2015 issue...

Readers will be delighted to see that Chiffonnette graces our cover this month. In her article Sylvia MacNeil, whose patterns and sewing talents have greatly influenced the popularity of the poupée, discusses the fairy-like headgear that woman wore at the height of fashion during the second empire. Poupées naturally followed suit and you will see a charming array of sublime creations modeled by Chiffonnette, as well as a pattern for you to create your own.


Gail Lemmon writes about the mysterious Monica, a doll created by Hansi Share. Inspired by Hollywood starlets of the 40's and 50's, she created dolls with a revolutionary new twist… rooted hair.


Dominique Pennegues poses the question, why do we see dolls said be Mme Paderewski dolls yet we know for a fact that Stefania Lazarska made them? As far as we know, the two women never discussed the fact that the Lazarska dolls were marketed in the US as Paderewski dolls.


We look back at the wonderful entries in the UFDC Modern Competitive Category beginning with the creative and intriguing study group entries.


A new name and a new look. It's another reason to visit the National Museum of Toys and Miniatures, formerly known as the Toy and Miniature Museum of Kansas City. We were fortunate to spend time there during the UFDC convention week.

News, auction results and as always wonderful dolls for your consideration from leading doll dealers and auction houses around the world.

Happy Collecting!