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Miniature versions of the French Fashion and Bebe dolls of the Golden era, smaller all bisque dolls have unique appeal as well as being charming space savers. In Becky Ourant's article she shares rare all bisque dolls made in France and Germany before 190. On our cover, a 10-1/2 inch Simon and Halbig all bisque mother tends to her young daughter, a 7-inch version. Both dolls are all original.



Recently we visited Marvin and Flo Herring, collectors of Japanese Ningyõ, the word for human figurines or Japanese traditional dolls. Unlike American and European dolls which are primarily intended as children's playthings, ningyõ are intimately connected to Japanese culture and long held traditions. The couple share this important collection with our readers.


shadow theatre

Jan Petersen writes about nineteenth-century French toy shadow puppet theaters in her entertaining article. La Poupée Modèle published scripts, puppets, scenery and performance tickets for children to produce shadow puppet shows, a popular form of entertainment during the nineteenth century.


Petitcollin Colette

Beginning in 1930, Petitcollin, maker of celluloid dolls, began producing the model known as Colette. Samy Odin shares the variations of Colette who last appeared in the company's 2006 catalogue.


UFDC Museum

From simple beginnings the UFDC museum has grown into a world-class institution. Lynn Murray tells us how it all came about and how members of UFDC can contribute to the museum's continued growth.


In this issue you'll also see more of the fabulous antique blue ribbon winners from this year's UFDC convention held in Kansas City.



In her 1912 article for the Delineator, Käthe Kruse shows the fun possibilities to be had with her lifelike dolls. Her article was entitled "Playing with the Christmas Doll."



A look at the National Doll Festival, exciting auction results, a special preview, our "mystery doll" column and much more, all in our October issue.


Happy Collecting!