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Ann Coleman’s purchase of a catalog featuring felt dolls set off a search that would involve several more years of researching and collecting, eventually leading to this article on “Margot” dolls. Bearing a remarkable resemblance to Lenci dolls which, coincidentally were also made in Turin, Italy, Ann, Samy Odin and Nancy Lazenby have shared a rare catalogue and dolls that they have identified as being made by Margot.


When Robyn Katz gave a program on male dolls for her local doll club she was pleasantly surprised to learn that she had, over the years, accumulated a significant number of men and boys. In her article she shares her collection, the majority of which are very early, and often possessing wonderful molded hats.

It began when Joy Harrington purchased her first doll by Izannah Walker in 2003. As time went on four others were added, and naturally they needed a place to call home. In the meantime Joy had been buying 19th century furnishings and accessories in the proper scale for her Izannah’s. It all came together when she had a large cupboard made for them so they could enjoy their very own comfortable house. An enchanting story you will love!


In this early history of the Vogue Ginny dolls, one of American’s most popular dolls success stories, Peggy Millhouse presents the wonderful costumes, original “Just Me” dolls and the beginning of the Toddles dolls. A company begun by Jenny Graves in 1922, her sewing talents and intuitive feelings about what little girls wanted to play with catapulted her to a stellar career.


We also bring you highlights from the Toledo doll and bear show and the June Gaithersburg doll show.
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