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Laurie Christman has researched Denmark's Royal Copenhagen porcelain factory, providing valuable information for collectors. The company began producing porcelain dolls around 1840 and in 1977, they reissued some of the dolls using antique molds. Her article, with accompaning closeup photos, will establish how to determine the antique doll from the reissue.

Laurie Baker succumbed to the lure of a 28-inch F.G. At the time, she had no idea that her lovely doll would soon have an amazing wardrobe made by the high fashion designer Carrie Hall (1886-1955). Laurie provides closeup photos of these marvelous gowns, each more extravagant than the last!

Our international cloth doll expert, Dominique Pennegues has written an article on the first French Lenci-type doll maker, Denis Giotti. Rare, never before published, catalogue photos, once the property of a seller for the company, make this an invaluable resource.

Woman’s fashions changed dramatically following the French Revolution, adopting a more natural and slimmer silhouette. Alicia Carver writes about the fashions and hairstyles from the Empire and Regency periods (1790-1820) in this delightful article.

Tynietoy collectors search for the most readily available furnishings, but sometimes move on in a quest for elusive examples of furniture inspired by Mt. Vernon, Spanish and Chinese-style furnishings, even custom pieces that were made by the company. Susan Grimshaw shares some the rarest in her information article.

These are our main feature articles, but you’ll find much more including Theriault’s latest auction results into our May issue.

Happy Collecting!