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What prompted automata maker Henry Vichy to travel to America at the height of his career? Little is known about his years in America or his life when he returned to Europe. Christian Bailly, author of “Automata, the Golden Age,” shares fabulous automata and facts gleaned from archival research and family history recounted by Vichy’s great-grandson. Our cover photo features automata to be offered in Auction Team Breker’s upcoming auction on May 30.


Originally introduced 110 years ago to fill a missing page in “La Semaine de Suzette”, Bécassine was an instant success spawning a myriad of Bécassine dolls and objects in her likeness. Samy Odin writes about this much-loved character, the subject of a display being held at the Musée de la Poupée-Paris.


An English town house, formerly in the Flora Gill Jacob collection, is the subject of Elizabeth Bentley Hamilton’s article. Delightful original wall coverings in the Kate Greenaway-style inspired its furnishings and inhabitants.


Simon Halbig’s mold 1469 followed the dictates of prevailing fashion, appearing first as an elegant Edwardian and then in the twenties, as a fascinating flapper. Sharon Hope Weintraub compares the mold used by both Simon and Halbig and Cuno and Otto Dressel.


Margo Delaughter writes about rare and under appreciated cloth dolls in this month’s article. Produced by companies that are rarely known today, their stories are nonetheless fascinating.


Mon Plaisir, a unique miniature world created by Princess Auguste Dorothea (1666-1751) was on the itinerary of last year’s TLC Grand Tour. Words cannot do justice to these amazing room boxes that appear as fresh and colorful as the day they were made.

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