Take a look at our January 2015 issue...

Cotton piqué, originally invented for use with formal white tie, was a boon for doll costumers of the 1850’s. Lynn Murray has shared her amazing collection of fashion poupées, each elegant in a white dress, many of them piqué with white soutache trim.
Gracing our cover is a lovely poupée designed by Edourard Briens who registered a patent for a poupée with slanted hip joints, jointed knees and arms articulated at the shoulder and elbow with lower arms of bisque. Lynn has long been an ardent collector and student of fashion dolls and you will find her article informative and fascinating.


Several delightful peg woodens enjoy the many comforts to be found in an 1845 English Baby House. Elizabeth Bentley Hamilton writes about this large and impressive house, measuring six feet five inches with its doors open, that came to live with her in 2006. Gorgeous antique furnishings create an elegant and rarified ambience. Join us for a tour of the “Hampshire House.”


We are delighted to have Chiffonnette back with us to start off the New Year! Needing an accessory to break up the expanse of the day skirt, pretty ornamental aprons gained favor as early as the 1830’s. Sylvia Mac Neil shares examples of these delightful aprons often made of luxury fabrics and trimmings that belie their useful purpose. A pattern from La Poupée Modèle will find favor with your poupée.


Original source material proves that Kling was making porcelain doll heads in the 1850’s. In her article Mary Krombholz shows how by comparing an early china head with a Kling parian head made in the 1860’s we can recognize other Kling unmarked shoulder heads including parians with elaborately decorated shoulder plates. A 100th company anniversary photo taken at the Leipzig Fair and seen in the author’s books further proves her in-depth research.


At the 2014 UFDC national convention in San Antonio attendees enjoyed a superlative special exhibit, “The Many Faces of German Dolls.” What a fascinating history of production illustrating the tremendous diversity of dolls made during the 19th and early 20th centuries!

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Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!